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Home made pizza... with a twist!

One of our go to meals for the week when I am feeling busy/a bit stressed. Home made pizza! You may be thinking… How could I feed my children pizza? What kind of monster am I? That’s not a balanced meal!!

On the contrary e hoa, Lets take a look at the humble home made pizza.

Unlike its commercial counterpart, home made pizza can be a heck of a lot better for you and a quick, low mess meal for the busy parent. Bitta chop chop and away you go!

If you have the patience of a saint, you can even invite your children to create their own pizza designs. I however am not saint like today. So I pressed on, sans their involvement... Well I had this little guy cheering me on.

When making your healthy home made pizza, you want to make vegetables as your biggest component. We are an omnivore family, so we had bits of meat in ours. Go easy on the cheesy too. Our kids had more cheese as their nutritional requirements are different to ours.

To keep our pizza moist and delicious. I served mine with a home made guacamole with some beautiful in season avocados. This will incorporate your much needed “good fats”. Bizarre mash up of foods but it totally works, trust me! Mexican and Italian. Its all about the fusion you know..

Then you have a few bases to choose from in the supermarket, if you find yourself time poor like me. (On a good calm day, I like to do a cauliflower base, which is even better!)

What I look for in a base is: whole food ingredients and no artificial nasties. Our "go to" pizza bases are: Home st. bakery Gluten free sprouted seed pizza base (from Countdown) and Venerdi Fancier sourdough pizza bases (from pack n save). Both meet our Gluten free dietary requirements, haven't got random stuff in it, and importantly, they crisp beautifully in the oven. Peeeeeeeeerfect.

Ta da!! The finished product. Plated up so nice. Ready for the fountains of praise from grateful kids...