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Unlike other gyms, we won't force you into an inflexible contract.

At Level, you have the choice and responsibility to set up your Automatic payment. In turn, we ask that you be honest and on track with your payments, and give us two weeks notice if you need to pause or cancel your membership.

Casual Session
For those who can only make it once or twice a week/ or just visiting town

Gives you access to as many classes as you like within the week AND you can attend "open gym" times during the day (outside of class hours)

Partner Discounts available

Open Gym
Suits those people who are following their own plan and go at their own pace. You can choose a daily or weekly pass.

Personal Coaching
Sessions are designed to give you a tailored approach to your goals, whether you are a beginner or returning from injury. These sessions are a relaxed and fun way to train and build confidence. You have the choice of  2 different coaches to work with, so get in touch and we will match you up.

Services Personnel
For  Police, Fire, Ambulance  or Military

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