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About us


Hey! it's Anna and Jason.

Welcome to the Level gym family!

Our goal is to make other peoples lives better by encouraging their active living and positive mindsets, whilst building a supportive community around them.


We believe that Fitness should be fun,

challenging and bring people together.

We aim to achieve these things here at Level


How we got here:


Our idea to start a gym and community of fitness enthustiasts started in 2016. At the time Jason was serving in the Police Force and had been since 2009. We wanted to create a lifestyle that suited our growing family and something that would contribute to something bigger than ourselves. Ie. helping people succeed with their health! Combating lifestyle related illnesses and promoting a positive outlook on life.




Enter.. The exit plan!! Jason qualifies as a Crossfit Level 1 instructor and begins study at AUT towards more fitness qualification. 




We will build a gym next door to our house! Take the leap of faith and become self employed. 


Exit Police in Janurary 2017 and let the fun begin!!

Where we are at now:

Well it worked! People joined and keep coming back for more fitness! We have people from age 6 to 60+ coming along, not only that but such interesting and fun loving, positive people that make you feel like part of the family instantly. Love it!

Its a bit like, leave ya ego at the door and come in as you are. Be willing to challenge ya body, have a laugh and belonging to a really awesome crew of humans!

Our 2 year anniversary

Long post inbound.... 🙃__Two years ago

Meet the Coaches

Jason Kingi

jason profile.jpg

Jase is our head coach who you will find at the HIIT and Strength and Conditioning classes. If he's not in the gym coaching or training, you will find him in the ocean diving for Crayfish! He works with people wanting to build functional strength and confidence in the gym for 1 on 1 sessions.

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